IIM converts (2021)


IIM BLACKIS Converts (2021)


NMIMS Converts (2021)

I made it to IIM Ahmedabad this year and I can assure you that CATKing is the right choice for prepa...


Rahul Sir, I am thrilled to inform you that I have successfully secured a coveted spot in the Indian...


I joined CATKing for my preparation. It's definitely worth it for the amount they charge you. They'l...

Bir Anmol Singh

I want to express my profound gratitude for the invaluable support and guidance I received throughou...


I want to thank Sumit sir for his guidance and mentorship. I owe my success to him, I still remember...

Sankalp Kimothi

A heartfelt thank you to the entire team at CATKing. When I initially received my CAT percentile of...

Tushar Sarkar

I was a student of CATKing and appeared for CAT 2022( 99.80 percentile). The overall ecosystem that...

Aastha Sharma

The decision to join CATKing classes has proven to be one of the most worthwhile choices in my journ...

Sai Mahidhar

I discovered CATKing when I was midway through my preparation, and it turned out to be a game-change...

Manas C

I joined CATKing last year for CAT 2022 just for last two months and from my personal experience, it...

Dev Priya

My advice to all the CAT Aspirants would be to always give mock exams and not get disheartened. It i...

Aman Bhardwaj

I didn’t know which coaching institute to join in the first place. A second cousin of mine who’s abo...

Ananya Maheshwari

I studied at CATKing from September 2021 to March 2023 and this is my honest view: I came across CAT...


Planning is very important in competitive exams where you have to study for a whole year and then ex...


CATKing helped me reach my dream of JBIMS. Rahul sir, along with the entire amazing faulty of renown...

Sahil Bahri

Just because of you and CATKing ritual of giving a mock on Diwali I am celebrating Diwali in IIM Jam...


CATKing online sprint workshops are by far the best ones if you want to get your entire portion of C...


CATKing classes and dashboard were really helpful in my journey of getting to my dream college i.e I...


I would like to thank Rahul sir for firing a spark in me to prepare for CAT and go for MBA. I was no...

Siddhant Jain

I enrolled in CATKing's course for the year 2022-23, and I can confidently say that it's one of the...

Sarojit Auddya

Prior to joining CATKing, I was clueless when it came to my preparation. However CATKing's material...

Bhavesh Chaudhari

It was actually my first attempt and that too being a fresher, had to balance college academics and...

Lekshmi N

I am not entitled to comment on catking classes for the cat exam as I only joined for gdpi prep, and...

Sneha Baidya

I joined CATKing for their course. For me, it was extremely helpful. Regular classes alongside mock...

Somen Kalokhe

I gave CAT 2022, and being a CATKing student for about 11 months now i can say that I got a CAT 202...

Aji Sagar Razak

I had joined CATKing classes . I would have to say it was worth it. Especially the community they ma...

Vishal Shukla

CATKIng is best place for CAT preparation. Their GDPI modules are extremely detailed and versatile,...

Pritam Ghosh Adhikari

I recently had the opportunity to enroll in CAT coaching at CATKing, and I can confidently say that...

Shreyasee Sarkar

I took the CATKing for my CAT 2022 preparation. Their dashboard is very informative. They have tran...


I took CATKing course and I can assure you that the resources provided to me were top notch. They ha...

Mohsin Ansari

Considering my personal experience, CATKing is totally worth it for preparation. They offer certain...

Saurav Jayant

After taking the CAT exam, I joined CATKing to prepare for the GDPI. As far as I'm aware, CATKing ha...

Adarsha Karmakar

I am a Computer Science engineering graduate from a State-run government college. This was the firs...


I came across CATKing via YouTube and had been following the channel even before making up my mind t...


Sir, I made it to FMS. I really wanted to thank you for the wonderful motivation and guidance. Also,...

Rahul Thapa

Hi Sir, I was a student at CATKing during my CAT preparation. I would love to thank you for your...

Kshitiz Kain

Hello Ma'am, I just wanted to thank you and CATKing, as I recently converted FMS (my dream college)...

Tushar Hingorani

I am going to join NMIMS for 23–25 MBA, and I must say that I made the right choice of joining CATKi...

Vikrant Jha

I enrolled in CATKing to prepare for my MBA entrance exams. I must say that my experience with CATKi...

Pranav Murthy

I managed to convert IIM L. It was my best call. Thanks for the motivation and help , Thank you so m...

Mithil Inamdar

The short answer is yes, I joined CATKing for GDPI preparation and I made use of all the resources p...

Aditya Verma

Let me share my perspective on it. I started watching videos from the CATKing channel years before a...

Pratik Walke

It all started in 2020, when I was rejected from Interview of MPSC ( Maharashtra Public Service Comm...

Vivek Singh

"CATKing is really amazing for me. I had enrolled for CATKing course, and it is the best coaching fo...

Ritin Krishna

"I joined CATKing for my CAT preparation and for the WAT-PI preparation. I had enrolled only for the...

Siddhi Wayal

Being a non-engineer I was so nervous about the CAT exam in the first place when I decided I will gi...


I just wanted to thank you so much for all the assistance and guidance. It really helped a lot. I ha...

Raghav Rozra

Thank you so much CATKIng for all your help. I was able to crack XAT and convert XLRI, I prepared f...

Vedant Kapil

There are many factors that I feel helped me during my journey. 1. Constant Motivation: Many of you...

Kislay Bhardwaj

I had joined CATKing for my preparation of car 2022 in July after watching video of the channel on Y...

Shashank Shankar

Just to give you context, I was a part of the CATKing last year and I have now converted the NMIMS c...

Jatin Yadav

I took the catking mock for cat 2022 they were really helpful in my prep for CAT , and after that i...

Biswajit Rajak

CATKing are worthy “It have worked for me. 1st year I was self-preparing for CAT but couldn’t able t...

Pratyush Tiwari

Back in the preperation days, Late night motivation/ strategy live sessions streamed by Sumit sir we...

Anindita Dutta

Hello, Though I am not the right authority to decide for anyone as to how they can prepare best for...

Abhishek Kumar

I am immensely grateful to CATKing Coaching Institute for their teaching and guidance during my CAT2...

Ayush Singh

Hello Ma'am, I've been selected for SIBM Pune as well as IIM Shillong and I wanted to thank you for...


Thanks to CATKing, I could make it to a top B-School like SPJain. It is always special to make it to...


I am very happy with my decision to join CATKing for my MBA entrance preparation. CATKing has excell...


I have been associated with CATKing since I began my journey; it has been nothing short of a wonder....


Being a CA student I had no clue about the MBA system and how to prepare for MBA entrances, but the...

Hreeshikesh Dutta

CATKing provides you with a dashboard that contains loads of information that will help you, Swift,...

Abhishek Kumar

I am immensely grateful to CATKing Coaching Institute for their teaching and guidance during my CAT2...

Saarthak Sethi

CATKing is one of the best coaching to go for if you are looking for a B-School admissions. The stud...

Satwik Soni

I was a student at CATKing and I must say, the dashboard they've created is very helpful especially...

Aryamann Sain

I had joined their NMIMS gdpi prep program. Being a fresher and never having previously faced an int...

Tushar Bhattacharjee

Yes!! Rahul Sir who runs the show at CATKing is doing everything right that needs to be done and has...

Swagat Gongle

I recently had the privilege of being a student at Catking, and I must say that it was an exceptiona...

Rohit Krishnia

My journey to IIM Bangalore was a roller-coaster ride, which I won’t ever forget. The journey had it...

M. Mishra

Long story short, if you're willing to work hard, YES! IT'S COMPLETELY WORTH IT. Brief background,...

Sarvesh Baviskar

Joined catking this year and had a very good experience, as being someone new to competative exam ,...

Narottam Patro

It's worth joining if you dire need of a constant motivator and proper guidance till you appear your...

Raghvendra Gupta

I signed up for CATKing to prepare for my GD/PI. The well-written dockets for the various managemen...

Nikita Darvesh

I have been a student of CATKing since 2021, In the first attempt I got only 12 percentile and this...

Deepanshu Sharma

I joined CATKing for my CAT preparation and I must say it was one of the best decisions I ever made....

Shreyas Kumar

I had joined CATKing for my GDPI prep and I would say It was definitely worth it. All the functional...


I enrolled in CATKING's GDPI program, which is an excellent course for candidates preparing for the...

Priya Maheshwari

I just wanted to thank the CATKing team for preparing me so well for my XLRI-HRM interview. The HR d...


Hello Sir, I have converted IIM Rohtak!! All thanks to you, Sir. It was completely possible because...

Kuldeep Suhalka

I have converted 5 IIMs (Kashipur, Sirmaur, Sambalpur, Nagpur, Jammu and in the waiting list of Tri...


It was an incredible journey at CATKing. The faculty here are highly knowledgeable, and dedicated an...


Excellent faculty with every individual being an expert in their subject. Rahul sir is undoubtedly t...

Peyush Gupta

I've been following Rahul sir on youtube for over a year now and I believe I've made the best decisi...


CATKing played a major role in my path to success. Special thanks to Rahul Sir for guiding me throug...

Ritwika Ghosh

I self-prepared and appeared for CAT 2022. When my interview calls started coming in, I knew I neede...

Rajpal Singh Rao

I Joined CATKing mock exams and GDPI mocks, Mock Exams in CATKing are closest to the real deal. I wa...


I recently had the pleasure to be part of CATKing's GDPI course. CATKing GDPI (Group Discussion and...

Md Armughanuddin

Good evening, ma'am. I got selected for NMIMS Mumbai core with a Merit rank of 395. Just wanted to t...


Super proud to announce that have converted NMIMS Mumbai (Core). Want to take a moment to thank you...

Ananya Goel

Given that I converted my NMIMS Mumbai interview call after joining the CATKing GDPI preparation cou...

Karun Kaimal

I joined CATKing for their GDPI batch. It was really helpful as I was prepared for the actual interv...

Abhishek Talukdar

From my personal experience CATKing is worth joining as they helped me a lot during my preparation....

Roocha Divate

"The best part about CATKing is the peer group and connections with people of varying seniority. The...

Abhijeet Rai

If you genuinely want to boost up your CAT preparation then surely CATKing is a no-brainer for you....

Samarth Pai Angle

CATKing Coaching Classes is an excellent coaching center for students who are preparing for manageme...

Shivam Upadhyay

I will give my honest opinion about the classes and mba prep in general. little about me I got 99.6...

Om Gheewala

Firstly, let me share with you my profile; CAT’22: 99.28%ile, IIFT’22: 97.06 %ile, Background: B.Tec...

Yash desai

I had joined another classes for my CAT preparation, and they provided me with the material for all...


When I enrolled for CATking, I was looking for something more than any other class would provide. I...


I would like to thank Sumit Sir, Anisha Ma'am and the whole CATKing family for their constant suppor...


Thank you so much Sumit Sir and the entire CATKing team. The CATKing dashboard made me pace up my pr...

Anmol Agarwal

I Converted SIBM Pune, all thanks to CATKing! I screwed up my CAT and then SNAP and NMAT were my on...

Rajvi Doshi

The CAT curriculum is also very well designed. They have tailor made batches for all kinds of studen...

Nikita Darvesh

I have been a student of CATKing since 2021, On the first attempt I got only 12 percentile and this...

Anurag Kumar

I have joined CATKing’s “IIM WAT PI” program post the CAT Exam, so I will try to answer this through...

Suryapratim Ray

Coming from a tech background, I never really had a clue on how to go about doing my MBA. Came acros...

Varunesh Kumar Vishwakarma

Hey Rahul sir , I finally converted IIM Lucknow Many thanks to you and CATKing team..

Rishi Panchal

Hello sir... Just wanted to inform you that I got place day 0 for my SIP here at IIM Ranchi. I have...

Suraj Nandi

All credits to Sumit sir and his energy. I would like to share my experience with CATKing. I had joi...


I had joined CATKing’s turbo course in 2021 just one month before CAT 2021. It helped me in improvin...

Yash Agiwal

Thank you Ma'am to you and your team. I am Yash Agiwal and have been selected for both MBA Core and...

Varshita Jain

Hello, I would like to share my experience with CATKING, where I enrolled for GDPI preparation. It h...

Nehal Sahai Srivastava

CATKing is worth everything. I have been following CATKing and Rahul sir for more than 2.5 years on...

Saheli Das

CAT 2022 was my third and final attempt. Back in 2020, I sat for my first attempt and converted a fe...

Ruchee Goyal

Hi My name is Ruchee Goyal I was a student at CATKing. I am elated to inform you that I have conve...

Yashraj Gawande

Hi Everyone, I converted my Call from SIBM Pune, and I joined there. I want to thank the CATKing fa...

Swapan S Mandi

Hi Sir, I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. I am ecstatic to share some i...

Shasvat Tyagi

Hi everyone! With immense pleasure, I'd like to share that I'll be joining SVKM's Narsee Monjee Ins...

Chirag Narang

I would like to thank CATKing for their amazing course and for the efforts they had put into me and...


Hello Rahul Sir, Thanks for your guidance throughout my preparation. With your and the team persiste...

Siddarth Saxena

Hi everyone It gives me immense pleasure to share that I will be joining the flagship course - MBA...

Raunaq Goel

Hello everyone! I successfully transitioned into the MBA core program at NMIMS Mumbai, and I owe a...


The course was of great use. The mocks and lectures were wonderful as we encountered each and every...

Kushaan Mehrotra

Here's my feedback about the course: 1. Study Material - The material provided is adequate enough t...

Anupam Burman

CAT 2022 was going to be the attempt for me and I decided to join CATKing for proper preparation an...

Akshit Agrawal

Based on my experience, I’d say that CATKing is definitely one of the best institutes you can refer...

Mayank Naveen

Hi Everyone, I was a student of the CATKing course and I wanted to thank Sumit sir and the entire C...

Abhishek Sharma

CATKing played a major role in my journey to clear the SNAP exam. The faculties helped me get clarit...

Aakarsh Agrahari

Hello , My name is Aakarsh Agrahari, I am a CATKing Intensive student. I have been offered admissio...

Kaustubh Bahal

I joined CATKing classes in April 2022 for SNAP and NMAT. The classes were held daily and there were...

Sanidhya Sharma

I personally believe that a particular coaching like CATKing is very helpful in increasing the overa...

Adarsh Nagar

"My CAT’22 score is 98.83 %ile. I am a student of CATKing and in my opinion, CATKing was worth join...

Sudhanshu kesarwani

Yes if you're planning to join CatKing intensive course, it will worth for you. Catking intensive ba...

Makrand Mishra

After the failure, I was completely dejected and felt as if I can not do anything worth while, I fil...

Dikshant Agrawal

Yes, if you had already prepared for any competitive exam offline you can join CATKing for CAT prep,...

Nishant singh

CATking's SNAP course was the reason behind my 99.43 percentile in the exam. CATKing SNAP mocks are...

Yash Kumar

I joined CATKing on the recommendation of my brother who happened to be a student in 2021 and conver...

Pradhyumn Pradeep

I got introduced to CATKing from the YouTube Channel when I was researching various examinations for...

Ayush Yadav

I took their GDPI course and that helps me a lot. CATKing have a very organized lecture on every top...

Santosh Samal

Yes Definitely CATKing helped me !! I took the GD - PI course for my IIMs and XIBM calls the traini...

Sanskar Mittal

I would say CATKing is worth joining, . Recorded sessions on the dashboard are very helpful. Their d...

Shalbani Ghosh

Initially, I had taken the CATKing mocks when it was 5 months left for CAT 2022, and then after 1 m...

Parinita Singh

I joined CATKing for GDPI Prep and that is definitely worth joining. The Dashboard was an incredible...

Sakshi Pisute

Getting this IELTS Intensive course that also in online mode was just like getting into a pond of wa...

Mayukh Sur

Hi Sir, Mayukh Sur here. Thank you so much for your guidance and the GDPI classes because of which I...

Aditya Sahu

I joined CATKing for my Preparation . They indeed have a lot of content in terms of interview prepa...

Rohit monhanty

Just now Catking has been a great catalyst for my preparation for the MBA exams. Having a limited ti...

Aayush Parkar

I joined CATKing for CAT 2022 Mocks and subsequent GDPI Prep. In my opinion, CATKing is one of the b...

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply for a review of your band scores (called an Enquiry on Results) at your test centre within 6 weeks of the test date. 

You must pay an enquiry fee, which is fully refunded if your band score changes. If your band score changes, you will be issued a new Test Report Form (TRF).

The request for a remark must be made within 6 weeks of the date shown on your Test Report Form (TRF). You can request a remark on the whole test or any part of it (Listening, Reading, Writing or Speaking).

You ca get your IELTS results for the

  • Computer based test in 3-5 days
  • Paper based in 13 days

You will receive an individual band (range 1-9) score for each module on the test. 

Each question in the listening and reading session carries 1 mark. 

Your score will be calculated on a total of 40 marks for both these sections and then converted to band score. 

The writing and speaking tests have a predetermined rubric as well. 

Your overall score is calculated by averaging the four individual scores and rounding it off in half or whole bands .

There are a total of 4 modules. Each module has the following number of questions:

  • Listening: 40 questions (30 mins)
  • Reading: 40 questions (60 mins)
  • Writing: 2 main tasks (60 mins)
  • Speaking: 3 parts (11-14 minutes)

Your goal will be dependent on your current level of proficiency in the English Language and your minimum score requirement. However, we would recommend aiming for at least a 7-7.5 in each module to be eligible for more colleges, workplaces and countries.

It depends on what reason you are applying. Usually every university or immigration office prescribes a minimum overall band score and minimum individual score in each module to be eligible. It is best to check on the university/migration website to know what score you require.

We at CATKing offer personalised progress charts when you sign up for our IELTS coaching course. You can use these charts to identify your areas for improvement and work on them.

The first step to start studying for IELTS is understanding the exam format and questions. Next, you should practise as much as possible before your exam date. Join us at CATKing to make this experience easy and fun.

Practice is the key to getting a good score in your IELTS exam. We recommend understanding the exam format properly once and then giving a mock exam to understand where you are. Once you do that, keep practising till you reach your goal in at least 2-3 mock exams.

Usually intermittent users of English require more time to practise than expert users.

In case you are late for the exam due to situations beyond your control, contact your exam centre and provide an explanation immediately. If your reason seems reasonable, your exam will be rescheduled on the next available test date. 

In case of a serious medical condition, you must provide a medical certificate within 5 days of your test date to receive a refund excluding the administrative costs.

No, you will have to go to a test centre irrespective of whether you want to give a paper based or computer based test. IDP offers 82 test locations across India.

You can apply for cancellation only if the test date is at least 15 days from the date on which you are applying for cancellation. 

If the test date is between 15-34 days, cancellation will be done once the request is approved. After cancellation is done/approved, refund will be processed within 8-10 business days after deducting administrative charges.

You can reschedule your exam date up to 15 days before the exam with a valid reason. 

For 34 days and above you can reschedule without providing any reason.

Identity Proof- A valid Passport (preferred) or National ID card. You will need to carry this document along with you at the exam centre.

Computer delivered IELTS: INR 16250 

Pen Paper based IELTS: INR 16250 

IELTS UKVI (computer): INR 16500

(Last Checked on 30 May 2023)

Currently only IDP which stands for International Development Program conducts the IELTS exam in India. The Website link for registration is

If you are applying for a UK visa, you need to take an IELTS test approved for UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) purposes known as IELTS for UKVI. This applies to everyone coming from a non-English speaking country.

While there is no change in the content, format or level of difficulty and scoring, IELTS for UKVI simply follows certain extra security protocols to ensure the authenticity of the test taker. Also, your Test Report Form (TRF) may look slightly different from the one given for IELTS Academic or General Training.

You will need to consider three aspects.

Your location: Computers based test are available only in major cities of India

Your comfort: Ask yourself- 

  • Can you think better when you are writing or working on a computer?
  • Do you write faster or type faster?

Your urgency to get the score: If you have a fast approaching deadline for an application and need your test scores sooner, you should apply for the computer based test.

The IELTS exam is valid for 2 years

The purpose of the academic exam is to secure admission in a college/university while the purpose of the general exam is for immigration or employment. Therefore the test evaluates candidates accordingly.

Listening and speaking are the same for both types of IELTS tests.

However Reading and writing sections have slight differences. 


IELTS Academic: 

  • understand author’s voice, purpose and key arguments
  • Style of texts is academic 
  • 3 long texts from books journals magazines and newspapers

IELTS General 

  • Tests proficiency in social setting
  • 4 passages- everyday situations from newspapers to ads


  • IELTS Academic: 
  • describe a table/chart/diagram/graph etc. (in 100 words) followed by the second task to write a short essay (250 words).

  • IELTS General Training: you will have to write a letter (100 words) or an essay (250 words)

You can decide which IELTS exam is suitable for you based on your intention to go abroad. For example : If you are going to study, you most probably will have to take the Academic exam. However, it is imperative that you check on the website, call or email the institution or country you intend to apply to, to know a confirmed answer.

Any person who is above 16 years of age is eligible to appear for the IELTS exam. You can be of any nationality, background or gender to appear for this exam. Also, there is no minimum qualification/percentage required to register.

2 hours 45 minutes long in total.

Listening is for 30 mins, Reading and Writing are for 60 minutes each. These three happen on the same day and are conducted continuously without a break.

The speaking test is for 11-14 minutes and may happen before, after or on the same day of the exam. The speaking test happens in front of a live examiner.

Your results are presented as band scores ranging from 1 to 9. Each  band reflects a different level of English language proficiency. Meaning- if you score a 9 band- it means that you are an expert user and if you score a 1 you a non-user of the language.

The IELTS exam is an evaluation of your Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking skills. 

The IELTS exams are offered by an institution called IDP in India and they happen in two formats- Paper Based and Computer based.

The IELTS on paper exam happens 4 times in a month and the IELTS on computer exam happens 3 times in a day 7 days a week. It is necessary to register and book for the exam in advance.

The two types of IELTS exams being offered at present are Academic and General. 

You can decide which one to give based on your intention to go abroad and the country you are going to. For example : If you are going to study in the United Kingdom, you most probably will have to take the IELTS UKVI Academic exam. However, it is imperative that you check on the website, call or email the institution you intend to apply to, to know a confirmed answer.

It tests your proficiency in the English Language so that they can decide whether you are eligible to study or work in the country you are applying to.

The countries that usually accept IELTS scores are Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System  is an English language test which is taken by people who want to study, migrate or work abroad. IELTS scores are accepted by more than 11000 employers, universities, schools and immigration bodies around the world.

No, books are available online on the CATKing portal. As the exam is going to be online too, it is recommended to build a habit to refer to online notes instead of hard copy books. 

No, you cannot download the videos/ebooks. You have to be logged in to the portal to be able to use it. 

For Verbal we have Rahul sir (Director of CATKing, MBA SP Jain Mumbai, Exec Management Harvard Business School), for QA/LRDI we have Sudhanshu Sir (IIM Lucknow), Biswadip sir (NMIMS), Sahil Sir (CAT QA 99%iler), Krishna Sir (Nitie) and Anisha ma’am (MBA NMIMS, PMNO Harvard Business School) 

We complete 90% of your syllabus in 40 days and the live lectures will be continued after the 40 days challenge as well. Your lectures will be on till your exam. Post 40 days challenge we focus on Advance lectures and strategy sessions as well. 

You can post your doubts between lectures to the faculty but it is recommended to use the CATKing Doubt Forum for clearing all the doubts. 

It will take (1-3 days) after the lecture for it to be available on the CATKing portal. 

Yes, all the live lectures that are missed are added on your CATKing Portal. Validity of the videos / portal depends on the course you have registered for. If Turbo then the validity is till November (CAT exam), if Intensive course then the validity is till April (All NON CAT exams included). 

Yes, we do have morning batches for the CAT Intensive & Turbo Course.

Doubts will be resolved in less than 3 days on the forum. 

Yes. Every Saturday and Sunday 2 hours each - 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Additional verbal lectures every Wednesday and Friday with Rahul sir (Director of CATKing) - 9:00pm to 10:00pm. 

Yes we have weekend lectures. Every Saturday and Sundays 2 hours each and additionally you will have to attend only 2 weekday lectures which are Wednesdays and Fridays. 

As the exam is approaching, we will have 2 hours a day and every Wed / Fri we have 3 hours of lectures. 

You can post your doubts on the CATKing Doubt Forum and you will receive its solution on the forum itself. Link for the doubt forum:

We cover 90% of your syllabus in the 40 days challenge and after that, we pick up the pending portion and advance actual CAT questions. Lectures will be live till your exam. 

Yes, you will be added to a WhatsApp group which will include students of your batch and all important updates will be posted on that group. 

Yes, the day you register for the course, we will have an induction where we will share the entire schedule with you which you should follow. 

If you miss any live lecture, you will receive the recording of the live lecture on your CATKing portal. 

We have a different course for GD and WAT PI as well. It is included in the CAT Intensive course not Turbo course. 

Study Material will be provided on the dashboard itself. And as everything is online, it is recommended to be used to studying online as the paper is also online. 

Hello, you can post your doubts during the live lectures but it is most recommended to post your doubts on the CATKing Doubt Forum. 

Yes, we do have GD and WAT PI courses with us wherein we take care of your interview preparation as well. 

CATKing had 3000+ IIM Calls last academic year. 

Yes, you can upgrade your course later on

CAT Turbo course includes material and preparation for CAT exam only. Intensive course includes material and preparation for CAT and OMET as well. (OMET: NMAT, SNAP, CMAT, CET, IIFT, MICAT, XAT and TISSNET)

No, eBooks are not downloadable. You have to be logged in on your dashboard to be able to access the eBooks.

You will be getting eBooks on your dashboard for all the sections. 100+ eBooks (LOD 1 and 2)

Yes, the recordings of all the live lectures will be available to you on your dashboard.

Schedule will always start from the basics. First week we will be taking care of VPAR which will help make your roots strong. Post the VPAR sessions we will spend 1 week on each module and you will have verbal lectures on consistently every Wednesdays and Fridays.

There can be around 50 students in one class approximately but it varies. 

Yes, concept builder lectures are scheduled from Monday to Friday and advanced lectures are scheduled Saturdays and Sundays. 

It depends on the course you register for. The validity of CAT Turbo course is till November because only the preparation of CAT is included in the Turbo course. The validity of Intensive course is till March as all the exams are included in the course and the last exam is CET.